GAMSAT Sample Questions And GAMSAT Physics Questions

GAMSAT sample questions free on this site will help your preparation for the GAMSAT.

Here’s a great video which goes over some physics sample practice questions. On the 10 minute video, our science expert explains an important concept of physics that many people struggle with.

GAMSAT Physics Questions Make Up 20% Of The Science Section

Physics makes up 20% of the science section. It sounds like a small proportion, but many people are concerned about it. I don’t blame them! Not many people have studied physics… ever!

The truth is that it’s a simple topic once you have the basics under your belt. Then it’s a matter of using maths to answer most of the questions.

This video will show you some of the basics plus some great ways to approach the more advanced material.

So enjoy the sample questions video and let us know what you think!

In summary:

  • GAMSAT sample questions are a great way to practice for the GAMSAT
  • Passing the physics section of the GAMSAT represents 20% of the science section
  • Like all areas of the GAMSAT, the science and physics sections can be difficult
  • Obviously, the more the study, they better you are going to do on your real questions

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Free eBook “How To Pass The GAMSAT”

Free eBook How To Pass The GAMSAT

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