GAMSAT Past Papers – Using Them To Create The Ultimate GAMSAT Cheat-Sheet

GAMSAT past papers can be used to create a comprehensive ‘cheat-sheet’ or reviewer since it includes a long list of topics and lessons.

Having a very reliable reviewer would be very helpful since the coverage of the GAMSAT is very extensive. The topics which have been included in the exam can be used to reinforce the contents of the reviewer.

This would allow you to cover as many topics as possible.

Students should make a reviewer for each of the practice GAMSAT exam papers. This would greatly improve your chances of passing. All the previous GAMSAT past papers have been standardized which means only the basic and fundamental topics and lessons that are considered important have been included.

GAMSAT Past Papers Used To Create The Best ‘Cheat-Sheet’

Students should be meticulous and attentive when creating reviewers from GAMSAT past papers.

The right answers to all the questions should be discussed thoroughly.

In depth discussion of all the theories, facts and principles included in the questions should be done. The students should expound on all the items and choices to enhance the scope of the reviewer.

Further research using the GAMSAT past papers as a guide would allow the students to attain the right information relevant to the examination.

  • Note: Time should not be wasted on studying items which have a low probability of appearing in the GAMSAT.

GAMSAT Past Paper Cheat Sheets For Section 1 and the Science Section

Reviewers would be very helpful especially when dealing with the first and third part of the exam. Students should know that the social, biological and physical science topics included in the exam would be limited to 185 questions.

The exam would only concentrate on lessons that have significant relevance. That is why the students should only study the important topics.

The time, effort and resources should be invested wisely. This would make the review more efficient.

GAMSAT Past Paper Cheat Sheet For The Science Section’s Biology Topics

When creating a reviewer from the GAMSAT past papers, the students should use the questions as a basis when discussing the topics.

This is necessary especially in biology.

Biology topics commonly involved in the questions include cell structure and functions, comparative anatomy, genetics, botany and zoology. Four choices are provided in each question.

The student should discuss all the choices in relation to the question. This would allow the examinee to have a better perspective on the lessons.

For example, a question may be about cell structure. The examinee was asked to identify which cell organelle or component would be involved in production of energy. The choices included nucleolus, mitochondria, ribosome or cell membrane.

The answer would be mitochondria since it can process molecules to produce energy. However…

The other choices should also be discussed in the reviewer.

The nucleolus would serve as a membrane enclosing the DNA molecules. The ribosome would be involved in protein synthesis. All the specific details should be included in the reviewer. This would allow the student to have a comprehensive view of the necessary topics.

GAMSAT Past Paper Cheat Sheet for Chemistry and Physics

The GAMSAT past papers are also helpful in guiding the student in making an effective reviewer for chemistry and physics.

All the formulas and principles included in the past papers should be noted (but NOT memorised).

If students observe carefully, only the basic but relevant equations would be included. This is because not all topics would be applicable in the medical studies.

All the formulas taken from the past papers should be discussed thoroughly. Instead of simply memorizing the equation, the student should understand the reason behind the different factors and variables.

GAMSAT Past Papers Cheat Sheet in Summary

The GAMSAT past papers should be read carefully and thoroughly. It contains a lot of useful information which can help the student create the proper reviewer.

All the necessary lessons should be arranged systematically. Having a reliable reviewer would help students recall the fundamental ideas needed.

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