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If you want to pass the GAMSAT and get into the medical school of your choice, then this will be the most exciting letter you ever read.

Here's why.

My name is Tomasz Forfa and I have sat the GAMSAT just like you will. And I was successful at it. Along the way I learned what needs to be done to pass the GAMSAT. Now I want YOU to know it.

Whether its your first time or you have attempted the GAMSAT before, this letter will be a turning point in your preparation. I know how great it feels to get an interview with my first preference university and want you to feel it too.

There is a lot of information floating around about this test. A lot of it is misguided and the rest is out dated. But you need quality information that is relevant to you. So here it is.

Here you have the information that will give you a MASSIVE head start on your competition in the Australian GAMSAT.

I have accomplished my GAMSAT goal and want to share with you the knowledge I have about it.

I've written a FREE electronic book called "How To Pass The GAMSAT" that reveals how you can revolutionise your preparation and....

Here's a tiny fraction of what you'll
discover in this electronic manual:

Gamsat ExamYour new SECRET WEAPON

Gamsat ExaminationWhat you REALLY need to know

Gamsat ExamsWhether study courses are worth your time and money

Gamsat IrelandA GOLDEN TIP for English Second Language students

Gamsat PracticeThree BOMBSHELLS about the GAMSAT

Gamsat Practice PapersHow to be as prepared as POSSIBLE

Gamsat PreperationWhy working hard studying is a waste of time

Gamsat TipsTips on how to make the most of GAMSAT day

Gamsat UKWhy the GAMSAT is a mystery to most

Medicine GamsatHow to make sure you never do the GAMSAT again

Gamsat Exam PreparationWhat you MUST do before you do a study course

Gamsat New ZealandWhat happens on GAMSAT day

Gamsat Preparation MaterialWhat will happen on the day while doing the GAMSAT

GAMSAT Test PreparationTips for maximizing each sections results on the day

GAMSATHow guessing can give you the right answer

Gamsat ExamMy approach to ABSOLUTLEY THRASHING the GAMSAT

Gamsat BooksTwo SECRET TRICKS that will TURBO CHARGE your results

Gamsat IrelandA really simple way to view and master this test

Gamsat UKAre there really repeated question from year to year??

Gamsat UK 2010Find out what GAMSAT is REALLY about

Gamsat Books

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Read what others have said about this fantastic eBook...

"I downloaded and started right away"

GAMSAT ExamThe download process was easier than expected. Thanks Tom. I downloaded and started straight away. I have begun to implement your steps and feel a lot better about my preparation already! I know this my seem strange, but I'm actually starting to look forward to the GAMSAT now.

Mary L.
Melbourne, Australia


"The eBook saved my GAMSAT!"

GAMSAT Successful I was desperatley looking for a quality source of help. This was it. This eBook saved my GAMSAT! It opened my mind as to how I should prepare, and how NOT to prepare. Thanks Tomasz! 

Nate N.
Sydney, Australia


"I particularly like your style of writing"

GAMSAT Australia Tomasz, I have done the GAMSAT 2 times. But this time its different. Your ebook has shown me a side of the GAMSAT I didn't expect. I particularly like your style of writing. Easy to understand, straight to the point. Thank you, Samantha. 

Samantha P.
Adelaide, Australia

Discover what you NEED to know if you want to pass! With this new guide, that provides you with everything you need to know to start becoming as prepared as possible.

To Your Success,

Tomasz Forfa

Tomasz Forfa

P.S. This is a Limited Time Offer! Quality information like this will not stay free for long. I will be withdrawing this free offer any day now and releasing it at a price of $27.77. So get this eBook free today or pay for it later!

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